Chinese Restaurant SANKAI-KOMI [ 1F ]

Seafood, meat, and vegetable dance in a pot heated by fire and oil.
The chef, who has honed his skills at renowned restaurants, conveys the authentic delights of Chinese cuisine.
Enjoy the wide variety of Cantonese cuisine using luxury ingredients to your heart.

Chinese cuisine based on the concept of “Food is medicine.”

By tasting the power of life that nature has given us, we can feel better in body and soul. Following the teachings of “Food is medicine,” we offer healthful cuisine based on Cantonese cuisine. We hope you will enjoy our fresh local seafood landed in the Sagami Sea and the Enshu Sea, as well as other dishes that take full advantage of the season’s ingredients.

The origin of the restaurant’s name

It means thoroughly enjoying the bounty of Atami by using all the flavors and aromas of the local seafood and mountain produce.


Beyond the counter of a giant tree over 80 years old that exudes an overwhelming presence, an open floor with a view of the Chinese garden creates a somewhat exotic atmosphere. There are two semi-private rooms ideal for intimate dinners and small banquet space with the word “波 Wave” painted in powerful brush strokes on the wall, reminiscent of two dragons at play.

Chinese garden viewed from the main floor

The giant stones in the garden represent cape stones, representing memories and scenes from the distant sea.


Chinese Cuisine | Kaiichi Kawaguchi

After starting his career as a Chinese chef at Tokyo Hanten Ginza in 1987, Chef Kawaguchi joined Guangzhou, a Chinese Restaurant in Hotel Metropolitan Edmont in 1990. In 2002, Chef Kawaguchi started working at Fook Lam Moon in Tokyo Marunouchi which is famous for its high-class Cantonese cuisine and specialized in cooking with dried indigents. Chef Kawaguchi then worked as the head chef at Akasaka Rikyu Ginza, the famous Cantonese restaurant Shangu as well as Akasaka Rikyu in Akasaka.

Business Hours
11:30 ~ 14:30 (LO) / 17:30 ~ 20:00 (LO)